Petra Ehrhard

From Studitemps to jobvalley – launching a new brand

Petra Ehrhard
Petra Ehrhard
published 06/10/2021

We have gone by Studitemps since 2008. The name seemed a logical choice at the time: we help students (Studi-) to find temporary jobs (-temps), i.e. part-time work, to fund their studies. Jobs that work around their lecture schedule and not the other way round. 

In 2020, we started to transfer students who we’ve helped throughout their studies with part-time jobs at our client companies, to our Young Professionals division. We came to the realisation the everyone faces a dilemma at the end of their degree: with the vast number of jobs around 1) do I really know what I want to do at this point? and 2) do I want to try out a few more things? 

We employ a large number of students in all our divisions and in the local hubs in university and college towns. This gives us first-hand insight into what they think, what their expectations are and what they want to achieve. We work with them to establish what they value most and then try to implement it. However, the above questions kept cropping up time and again – which is why we decided to create a division for graduates and young professionals.

It was at this point in time when we started to ponder whether the name Studitemps still adequately described what we do

Then the pandemic hit, and temporary work was shrouded by yet more negative headlines. Unfortunately, temporary work is often wrongly plagued by negative connotations in Germany (which is incidentally not the case in the UK). But that doesn't stop demand for temporary jobs. In this day and age, we’re looking for jobs that don’t tie us down. The world has so much to offer and young people value flexibility above all to account for the shift in their lifestyle: from aspiring to status symbols to a life worth living.

Flexible jobs in flexible locations at the time you want are the latest trend. Say you want to then transition to permanent employment – with this experience behind you, you’ve tried your hand at working flexibly, become familiar with some companies, values/attitudes, colleagues, management cultures, products/services and got a much better idea of what you're getting yourself into. 

2021 marks an exciting new chapter for us

We’ll launch a range of new product features and define our Studitemps brand: the purpose, the vision, the mission, our five value propositions and our brand promise – we're raring to get going. We have worked out personas, i.e. the user group that represents our target audiences. On top of this, we've positioned our two brands Jobmensa (our online job portal) and Studitemps (our digital matching platform) as clearly separate from each other. 

We have also heavily invested in digitising all business areas and focused on our students by recently establishing an in-house division for client experience, placing our most important client groups at the heart of our business. 

By this point, it was clear: ‘Studitemps’ no longer fits the bill. It's time for a new name.

But what does this new name need to communicate? It must be geared towards all students. It needs to express diversity and choice. It needs to be directly associated with our business concept – and also work on a global scale.

Together we brainstormed – and jobvalley was born.

Animation Studitemps wird zu jobvalley


Petra Ehrhard
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