Students' Choice Awards

We reward the award winners in employer attractiveness categories

Students' Choice Awards 2022

In 2020, jobvalley presented the Students' Choice Awards for the first time. The awards were given to companies that are highly regarded by students in Germany for a variety of reasons - as the most attractive employer during their studies or for graduates, as pioneers in equal opportunities or sustainability for example. The prizes were awarded in a total of eight categories, including a special category that changes annually.

In 2022, this will be: Corporate culture

The winners of this year's Students' Choice Awards have been announced!

The winners of the Students' Choice Awards 2022

  • Best employer for students: IBM

  • Best employer for graduates: Merck

  • Career opportunities: Accenture

  • Equal Opportunities: Synlab

  • Innovation: BioNTech

  • Sustainability: Deloitte

  • Trustworthiness: 3M

Special category

Corporate culture: Audi

The winners of the Students' Choice Awards 2021

  • Best employer for students: KPMG

  • Best employer for graduates: Porsche

  • Career opportunities: BASF

  • Equal Opportunities: SAP

  • Innovation: Microsoft

  • Sustainability: Tesla

  • Trustworthiness: Bosch

Special category

Covid-19 Management: TeamViewer

Eckhard Köhn, CEO jobvalley

"The Students' Choice Award gives students in Germany a voice. We are happy to award the companies, that are most attractive to prospective graduates for the third time already."

Basis for the Students' Choice Awards: Fachkraft 2030

"Fachkraft 2030“ is a series of representative studies on the economic and general living situation of students and graduates in Germany.

The study was launched in partnership with the Department of Labour Economics of Maastricht University at the start of winter semester 2012/2013. To date, 19 surveys have been completed, with over 350,000 students from all over Germany participating – responding to questions on both recurrent and varied topics.

Data for the study is collected on jobmensa, a job platform operated by jobvalley with around 13,000 new registrations by students throughout Germany each month.

Learn more about Fachkraft 2030

Dr. Philipp Seegers, Maastricht University

"Since 2012, jobvalley and Maastricht University have surveyed more than 350,000 students regarding their study situation and entry into the job market as part of the "Fachkraft 2030" study series. The Students' Choice Award is based on this large database."


The Students' Choice Awards rank employers based exclusively on votes submitted by students who were surveyed as part of the Fachkraft 2030 study. The divergence between the awareness and attractiveness of a company has proven to be a distinctive aspect of the survey methodology.

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