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COVID-19 information

Dear students, We hope you’re all healthy and comply with government regulations.

Mask mandate in Germany

A Germany-wide mask mandate has been in force since 27/04/2020. As of 19/02/2021, this mandate has been extended to cover additional places, such as on the bus and train, in shops, care homes and at certain workplaces. Read here to see which rules currently apply where you are. Source

Hygiene and behaviour rules

How do I protect myself and others against coronavirus? The latest information on the applicable hygiene and behaviour rules issued by the Federal Ministry of Health can be found here. In general, the following rules apply:

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With our new jobvalley app you have the possibility to book yourself into shifts for your student job via jobvalley. You can easily and comfortably see in the app on which days and at which time free shifts are still available and sign in for them. Furthermore, you will be provided with important information about your assignment and can apply for other suitable jobs.

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Information on recording your working hours

In light of current circumstances, we are increasingly recording working hours with timesheets instead of digitally. This tends to be the case primarily in supermarkets, where timesheets are the easiest option due to hiring on very short notice at times.

If you find yourself working for a host company that uses timesheets to record working hours instead of the digital approach, please keep the following points in mind.

Recording working hours with timesheets:
1. Print
Print your timesheet (one for each company) and take it with you.
2. Fill
Fill in your name, employee number, the company and your working hours.
3. Signature
Get your supervisor at the host company to sign your timesheet.
4. Inform us
Send a photo or scan of your timesheet to helpme@jobvalley.com at the end of the week.


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