Tim Wolter

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Tim Wolter
Tim Wolter
published 30/01/2022

jobvalley transforms itself into a digital platform for flexible working for academics. In addition to renaming, the year 2021 had many technological innovations up its sleeve. I have selected a few that I, as Vice President Product, would like to present to you here on behalf of my teams. What they all have in common is that they offer companies and students immediate added value.

More flexibility: Determine your own deployment times 

More efficiency for students and customer companies: Check! With self-determined assignment times via the jobvalley app, inefficient shift planning and limited assignment options are a thing of the past! If a free time slot arises spontaneously, our qualified students* can immediately book an assignment via the jobvalley app, start working and earn money!

E-fficient: Qualified electronic signature

It's always been there, but last year was a breakthrough: well over half of our corporate customers were using our qualified electronic signature by 2021. For good reason: jobvalley has the shortest lead times and the best staffing rate on the market! And then delays due to postal lead times? With the e-signature, contracts are delivered in seconds and signed in minutes. Is there a rush? Then e-signature is the key to filling it as quickly as possible!

"With e-signature, contracts are delivered in seconds and signed in minutes. Is it urgent? Then e-signature is the key to filling it as quickly as possible!"

Even more accurate: our improved matching

Our smart matching algorithms have been delivering the perfect match between students and companies for two years now. Based on requirements and qualifications, new job opportunities are automatically sent out to all qualified students. In 2021, we have fundamentally revised our matching algorithms and thus achieved even greater satisfaction among students and companies. This is at the same time the basis for the matching of increasingly demanding requirements and a further increase in the filling speed! 

Individual: Authorizations in the customer portal

Well over 50 percent of our corporate customers use our customer portal. This has led to a desire to grant individual users individual authorizations and to map their responsibilities within the company, such as placing orders, viewing time recording data or signing contracts, in the customer portal as well. We were happy to fulfill this wish! Individual rights can now be assigned directly in the customer portal, such as those relating to contract signing or time recording.

The new digital jobvalley portal solution

It's Saturday morning, there is an unexpected need for personnel and no one is available. Do you know this situation? Probably not, if you are already a jobvalley customer*. Because our customer portal is always available and can help. But what if you are not yet registered with jobvalley in this situation? Since 2021, we also have something for this, namely our new digital portal solution. Without prior contact directly strengthen the team? Now possible with us, in minutes and with just a few clicks!

Administration & archive in the jobvalley app

Especially for students, the year 2021 had even more surprises in store! Just in time for the end of the year, we completed the profile management in the jobvalley app. Since then, it has been possible to enter and view all relevant information about employment at jobvalley directly in the app. Also, the most important documents are now archived in the app and can be directly accessed digitally.

jobvalley conclusion and outlook for 2022

We stand for flexibility and self-determination for customers and students - central components include the jobvalley customer portal and our app. We are working every day to make them more accessible and more flexible and intuitive to use. In 2022, my product teams and I will continue on this path and create solutions for you, among others, to qualify "new" students even faster and to further expand matching in the app and customer portal. So that students can find suitable jobs even faster and companies can strengthen their teams even more efficiently.

"Reinforce the team directly without prior contact? That's now possible with us, in minutes and with just a few clicks!"

Tim Wolter
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Tim Wolter

Tim Wolter is Vice President Product at jobvalley. He has been with the company since 2010 and previously held positions as Head of Product and Head of Finance and Human Resources.