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jobvalley: Launch of the digital platform

Arnd Visarius
Arnd Visarius
published 06/10/2021

Imagine a world where it's just as easy to source employees and find flexible jobs digitally as it is to order a pizza online. Look no further. jobvalley has transformed this vision into a reality for our clients and students. Our HR technology has enabled us to transform from a recruitment agency focused on student jobs to a digital platform providing flexible work for students. Using this technology, we're working to establish our Workforce as a Service (WaaS) approach and combine our wide range of flexible jobs with straightforward digital processes – all according to 100% compliance directives. Learn more here!

What is Workforce as a Service (WaaS)?

Workforce as a Service, i.e. flexible job assignments in a digital service environment – whether for a short period of time, large-scale projects or even full-year placements – offers a number of great advantages to everyone involved. As a democratic model, WaaS gives students the opportunity to work whenever, wherever and how often they want. It gives companies access to young professionals and enables them to recruit highly motivated students as additional support for their permanent workforce. Allowing HR scheduling to remain flexible across the company. WaaS offers key benefits for a number of areas and ranges from entry-level jobs to cover for parental leave and sabbaticals, and extra help for peak order periods.

What does the new jobvalley client portal offer?

Our new digital portal solution, available along with the existing digital jobvalley client portal, has given us the ability to provide a service not available anywhere else. Whether you just need one flexible employee, or 1,000 all at once – we’ll cover all of your staffing needs and provide direct access to the portal for you as a client. Our smart tech solution takes into account the interests, availability, location and salary requirements of our students to ensure they’re a perfect match for your company.

‘All companies, from start-ups to large corporations, can now easily register and gain direct access to our candidate pool. Innovative, fast, easy to use and 100% secure: exactly what students and decision-makers at companies need in the modern day and age.’

– Patrick Schumacher, Vice President of Platform Solutions, jobvalley

Which jobs does the new portal cover? 

The new jobvalley client portal has launched with an extensive range of traditional support jobs – shelf stacking, stocktaking, sales, production and kitchen staff – highly in-demand student jobs. Access to the jobvalley pool of 600,000 gives us the ability to fill and easily scale all vacancies, no matter the scope. You can even fill highly urgent positions at a moment's notice with a few clicks of the mouse. Putting our clients in charge of who they hire, no matter how urgent.

How exactly does it work?

Screenshot jobvalley now Benutzeroberfläche

As a clients, you can log in digitally at any time (24/7) from anywhere and independently plan your staffing needs and assignments within a matter of minutes. The process couldn’t be easier and just requires a few steps: 

  1. Describe the job, location, assignment period, working hours, etc. The basics.

  2. The total price is calculated on this basis and displayed right away!

  3. Create a profile with your company and contact details, then place an order.

  4. Receive confirmation by email; then you can access the post via Magic Link.

  5. Contracts can be signed with eSignatures, if desired.

  6. Videoident is only required for your first order, afterwards you can just sign for an order with your phone TAN.

The digital duo: jobvalley customer portal and app

Students can use the jobvalley app to find jobs online. The advantage for you as a client: Students can see your jobs at anytime from anywhere and apply to them directly – seamless integration between the jobvalley app and the digital client portal ensures vacancies are filled in record time. The jobvalley software matches suitable, pre-screened workers and signs them up for shifts. Our process guarantees speed, high responsiveness and flexibility with top standards. Providing only the best for our students and you as a client.

jobvalley – digital HR tech solutions for everyone

We use perfect match algorithms and personal selection to give jobvalley students access to flexible jobs. Digital, fast and flexible. Our HR tech solutions put students, graduates and young professionals in charge, allowing them to work flexibly. They offer clients the opportunity to fill positions quickly and reliably with just a few clicks of the mouse. That's what sets the brand apart from the rest. We also offer personal and reliable services with our in-house development capabilities and support along with the verification of digital processes. The new portal solution for our clients and the jobvalley app for our graduates are technical milestones that offer solutions for all kinds of job requirements in the realm of flexible work. In light of this, it means all the more to us that you have been with us since day one, and we would therefore like to cordially invite you to discover jobvalley!

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