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What is jobvalley talks?

jobvalley talks is a livestream series that focuses on topics capable of improving your daily work routine. During the talks, we touch on the latest topics in the HR industry.

How can onboarding be digitised? How can you keep in touch with your colleagues when working remotely? How successful have the new approaches to working hours been – and should there be less going to the office and more flexibility in the future? Corporate culture is becoming increasingly important for applicants, but is it viewed more highly than salary?

We join our guests to discuss these issues and many other eye-opening matters.

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Expert Talk: ‘The importance of language in HR’

Which style of writing makes for a successful job post? What does your chosen style of language communicate about team satisfaction? Which challenges in the workplace can be successfully overcome by the conscious use of language? Dr Simone Burel answered these questions and many others during our Expert Talk.

Expert Talk: 'Onboarding – 2021 style’

Onboarding has been growing in popularity for years and is now slowly making its way into companies of all shapes and sizes. The industry is starting to recognise the major role it can play in recruiting and employer branding. Last year saw the launch of digital onboarding. So what does optimal onboarding involve in 2021? We spoke to Moritz Sherpa, Marketing Manager at Haufe Group, to find out during our jobvalley Expert Talk.

Expert Talk: ‘New work created by the pandemic’

COVID has gripped the world for over a year. That's not to say it hasn’t had any positive effects. For instance, it has helped digitisation come on leaps and bounds in multiple areas.

Stefan Kirmse joins us to discuss the challenges he and his team faced over the past year.

Expert Talk: ‘AI in recruitment’

What does AI entail for recruitment? Where and how is AI already used? Which advantages and disadvantages does it pose to recruiters and applicants? Prof. Dr Gleitsmann from RFH Cologne provides insight into the latest scientific findings and backs up his claims with practical examples from the economy.