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We connect you with graduates and young professionals – for short-term requirements or long-term personnel solutions.

What we can do for you

Your staffing needs are flexible and individual. Just like our solutions. We will find the best approach and candidates for all of your requirements.

Flexible HR planning

We give you access to qualified fresh graduates for short-term projects.

  • Motivated and versatile graduates

  • Ideal for covering employees away on parental or sick leave, etc.

  • Attract talent to your company in the long term

Long-term HR planning

Our current young professionals are the ideal future professionals for your company.

  • Targeted approach to the perfect candidates

  • Recruiting channel for even the most demanding job profiles

  • Gain long-term employees through permanent contracts

Short-term personnel requirements

We will work together to achieve the best solution for your requirements, even on a very short-term basis.

  • Ad hoc solutions for your specific needs

  • Full-time projects – starting at 3 months to an unlimited duration

  • Extensive pool of specialist candidates

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We know the people behind the profiles

As the operators of Germany’s largest job portal for students, we get in contact with our talented candidates at an early stage and guide them through their first years of employment after graduation. Along with getting to know the people behind the CVs, skills and experiences, this gives us the opportunity to provide you with your future skilled workers and executives.

We work with you to select suitable candidates who are the perfect match for your company and have the required skill set based on your brief. With us, you can save time and resources and avoid unnecessary costs caused by vacancies.

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Our extensive pool of over 600,000 candidates will solve all of your staffing issues. We rely on 13 years’ experience to master every challenge.


We can boost yours: Hire required staff faster than with in-house recruiting, resulting in lower costs for you.


Our expert knowledge on the target audience makes us a partner you can trust. As the publisher of Fachkraft 2030, we’ve been researching the reality of students life and their (future) working environment since 2012.

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jobvalley Young Professionals has provided us with access to recent graduates who are both young and ambitious; exactly what we look for at Ankerkraut. Their expertise has been expertly applied in our Supply Chain and Marketing departments.

Marta Wilke Ankerkraut
Marta Wilke
Head of HR, Ankerkraut GmbH
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Interesting applicant profiles with highly sought-after attributes, e.g. postdocs with a background in the sciences: jobvalley provides top candidates.

Helios Mitarbeiter
Ralf Lieberz
Process, Risk and Quality Management at Helios
Wappen der Gemeinde Fredersdorf Vogelsdorf

Direct staffing takes time and therefore does not make sense, e.g. in the case of long-term replacements due to illness. jobvalley provides solutions. Advantage: Other service providers only offer the standard portfolio, whereas jobvalley offers graduates.

Marion Seeger
Dept. Head, Fredersdorf-Vogelsdorf municipality

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