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The perfect match

Are you looking for short-term personnel, or to fill long-term, regular part-time, full-time or seasonal positions?

  • 600,000 students

  • Wide range of occupations

  • Expertise in 140 fields

Individual service

All students undergo our qualification process in advance and are available to start immediately. Both long-term and short-term jobs are possible.

  • Short hiring process

  • Low costs

  • Cover your seasonal requirements

Digital & personal

Our digital client portal allows you to benefit from smooth HR management. We’re also available to help in person at one of our 6 hub-locations.

  • Independent operational planning

  • Simple online order process

  • E-signature verification

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The jobvalley client portal

Say goodbye to paperwork

HR management made easy: Schedule your workforce online, whenever and wherever you need it. Realise you need support tomorrow late in the day? We’ve got you covered. Take advantage of our transparent and legally compliant process.

Book your personal demo to our client portal now and we will talk about your needs as well as a possible cooperation.

The modern solution to your HR management

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Hire employees

Hire your future workforce today

Reach qualified students on the client portal or edit existing job assignments.

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Assignment overview

Keep an eye on your job assignments – in real time.

Maximum transparency gives you a complete overview and allows you to communicate additional requirements.

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Recording hours

Manage your time with the click of a mouse.

Direct synchronisation with our app for students: Confirm or edit the entered working hours.

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Feedback function

Evaluate students after their job assignment.

Actively contribute to the fit and quality of future assignments. Your opinion matters.

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Benefit from full legal coverage.

Legally watertight contracts and guidelines on personnel leasing are drawn up by our unique compliance module.

Find the best matches without any fuss

Hire temp workers online

Directly hire employees for the following jobs:
Shelf-stackers, office assistants, stocktakers, bar staff/waiters, sales assistants, gift wrappers, entrance controllers and production assistants.

Manage your personnel needs independently on our client portal and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Fully digital service

  • Fill your vacancy within 24 hours

  • Only get billed after the first successful hire

Benefit from our experience!

booked shifts per month
hired candidates
more than 100.000
in paid salaries
€218 million

80% of our clients use our services:

  • because our self-service student booking system means their needs are covered at record speed.

  • because the quality of work performed by our students consistently goes above and beyond.

  • because students can easily be hired on our client portal anytime, anywhere.

100% of our clients claim:

  • our personal approach and digital solution make working with us a piece of cake.

  • the jobvalley client portal has made their job easier.

  • that our students perfectly cover their staffing needs.

Start now!

Benefit from flexible and motivated student employees from over 140 fields, highly skilled talented workers and specialists and executives with relevant experience.

Marta Wilke Ankerkraut

Using the tool to hire students couldn’t be easier. It is great to have a full overview. We have also always been able to rely on assistance from the relevant departments at jobvalley.

Marta Wilke
Head of HR, Ankerkraut GmbH