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Case study on our successful partnership with the Diocese of Limburg

‘We've found our partner for all HR matters in jobvalley. Any vacancies that arise are always promptly filled – with astoundingly minimal effort on our part. In addition, the motivated and highly personable student workers have been a great help for our facilities and the children. We are happy to recommend jobvalley to others and look forward to a more extensive collaboration moving forward.’


Diocese of Limburg

Reliable employees who can help care for the most precious thing on the planet: Children. The basic information we received from the Diocese of Limburg. Certainly an interesting request – and one that was truly close to our hearts from the word go. Learn more about the partnership between the Diocese of Limburg and jobvalley.

The client

Diocese of Limburg

Diocese in the Cologne ecclesiastical province

Over 600,000 catholic members

230 day-care centres in the Diocese of Limburg

The task

Profile and challenges

    ‘jobvalley was recommended to us. We had a great feeling right from the very start. A successful pilot project went above and beyond our positive expectations.’

    Why jobvalley?

    We already managed to achieve what other providers were unable to during the pilot phase: filling vacancies in a short period of time. As part of our recurring order, we now support over 20 day-care centres with pedagogical assistants. Over 30 students were hired by the diocese in 2019.

    Demand rose even higher in 2020 and 2021. At one point, we needed to fill over 20 vacant positions. A great opportunity for our students to get involved and gain valuable experience.

    Outcome and future perspectives

    The partnership between jobvalley and the Diocese of Limburg has been a great success: The child day-care centres have highly benefited from the great quality of our applicants and motivated employees. In addition, the students get to take on specialised work and gain flexibility – all for an attractive wage.

    We’re currently expanding the project. Even though standard requirements call for the recruitment of specialised professionals, the partnership with jobvalley has proven to be a great alternative when we face a lack of skilled workers.

    The partnership: Key facts

    Employees hired for over 20 day-care centres

    Over 30 students currently hired by the diocese

    Subject-related background and experience

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