Case study on our successful partnership with Capita Customer Services (Germany) GmbH

‘Using new technology on a daily basis has meant that our student employees quickly become highly competent when it comes to our systems, processes and products. They never fail to quickly get to grips with and solve the complex issues posed by our customers. We’ve also experienced how creative and motivated the students are in their approach to the work each day. They go beyond simply meeting the quality standards required by our customers, never failing to exceed them.’

– Lena Osterwald, Recruiter for Capita Kiel



You can’t not communicate – sure. But sometimes that's easier said than done. Customer contact requires trained employees, either in-house or outsourced through a professional service provider. One such provider is Capita Customer Services (Germany) GmbH, which provides top customer support services for leading European companies – and has dipped into jobvalley’s pool of talented young professionals in Kiel. Learn more about the process and advantages to partnering with us.

The client

Capita Customer Services (Germany) GmbH

Consulting, digital services & software

Leader in crucial CRM/customer service

14 locations in Germany, 4 in Switzerland

The task

Profile and challenges

    Start now!

    Benefit from flexible and motivated student employees from over 140 fields, highly skilled talented workers and specialists and executives with relevant experience.

    Why jobvalley?

    Understanding complex tasks, quickly getting to grips with new subjects, learning effectively: All of the skills students are able to pick up and perfect. As digital natives, they offer exactly what Capita is looking for, particularly with their evening and weekend availability. Another advantage is the optimal mobility thanks to semester tickets that cover local transport. As the task at hand was to support challenging customer projects with motivated students, with our pool of over 8,000 employees and 13,000 new registrations each month, we were simply the number one choice. After launching the partnership in January 2017, we recruited a number of suitable candidates, with a total of 20 students assigned to work at the Kiel location over the subsequent university holidays.

    Outcome and future perspectives

    We typically experience an increase in applications over the university holidays. Due to the positive results and ongoing need, Capita decided to permanently increase its number of student employees. The mandatory 2-week full-time training period at the start, which usually clashes with other commitments for the potential applicants posed an obstacle. But we worked with the responsible employees at Capita to find a solution, an online seminar for more flexibility. Now there's nothing standing in the way of higher volume orders.

    The partnership: Key facts

    Student assistance required in Kiel

    20 hours assigned shortly after the order was placed

    Weekly workload of 20 hours during off-peak hours