Case study on our successful partnership with Commerz Direktservice GmbH, a subsidiary of the Commerzbank Group.

‘We combine the best of both worlds. We are members of the Commerzbank Group but also work in open plan offices with the agility of a strong SME. Students with their affinity for innovation and new way of thinking are the ideal fit for our firm.’

– Anke Haremsa, Recruiting Specialist, Commerz Direktservice GmbH

Case Study

Commerz Direktservice

Visiting your local bank branch every time you want to transfer money? Spending what feels like an eternity in the foyer accompanied by the rattling of the printer spitting out bank statements? Not anymore. That’s not to say personal advice on financial matters is a thing of the past. Consultants working in-branch and in the increasingly digital world of Commerz Direktservice are there to help customers with all things finance. Learn more about the partnership between the Commerzbank subsidiary and jobvalley.

The client

Commerz Direktservice GmbH

    The task

    Profile and challenges

      Why jobvalley?

      Commerz Direktservice has previously regularly worked with jobvalley for its customer service phone support line. The positive experiences to date persuaded the HR team to contact jobvalley with other staffing requirements for other areas. As a student employer with an extensive applicant pool, including students from the University of Duisburg-Essen, jobvalley was able to provide the required student assistance right away.

      Outcome and future perspectives:

      The partnership has been a resounding success thanks to the high standard of applicants and quickly addressing requirements in close communication. In the meantime, jobvalley has assumed the position of the exclusive student recruiter for Commerz Direktservice GmbH. There’s also room for future development with the hiring of graduates and young professionals.

      The partnership: Key facts

      Students hired

      Support with office work

      Part-time and full-time positions

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