Case study on our successful partnership with Hamburg-based Fahrrad XXL MARCKS

‘Cycling is the symbol of sustainable and environmentally friendly mobility. A topic that matters to young people – and unites generations. As demand grows, so does the need for competent advice. We’ve managed to find highly qualified employees with jobvalley.’

- Andre Gleiché, Operations Manager



Germany – a service wasteland? It’s time for change! Companies that understand and engage with their customers appeal to their target audience and have the highest chance of sticking out from their competitors. That's where we step in. Learn more about the partnership between Fahrrad XXL MARCKS and jobvalley.

The client


Regional bike retailer in the Hamburg region

1,800 m² sales area, in-house service workshop

70 years’ industry experience, top customer support

The task

Profile and challenges

    ‘Fahrrad XXL MARCKS and jobvalley work perfectly in tandem: With their expert knowledge, ability to quickly grasp new information and charm, the students were working with customers in no time and proved to be a great hit. They've very quickly managed to boost our success.’

    - Andre Gleiché, Operations Manager

    Why jobvalley?

    Bike-loving customer advisors with a knack for sales required: After traditional recruitment agencies failed to meet our needs, working with jobvalley meant we instantly found perfect matches among our target audience – and vice versa. We specifically targeted applicants who had previously worked as advisors in sport retail shops, had prior retail experience or love cycling in their free time.

    Outcome and future perspectives

    After first getting in touch on February 19 and conducting an interview a week later, we were able to recruit suitable student candidates on March 8, who then went on to achieve their first sales in the same month. We’re currently looking for assistance to fill 150 hours each week and are continuously posting jobs – both for Bergedorf and another branch in the Hanseatic city. The partnership has been an all-round success for both sides and lasted an entire year to date, with an extension set in stone.

    The partnership: Key facts

    Employees recruited within 4 weeks after initial contact

    6 students working at the same time during peak times

    150 hours to be covered each week

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