Case study on our successful partnership with the online beauty retailer

‘We’re always looking for reliable and motivated students who believe there’s more to the word team player than meets the eye to expand our logistics team. We offer flexible working hours, primarily light physical work, fair work shifts, and a corporate culture based on equality, fairness and honesty.’

– Lea Krumland, Team Lead Recruiting, flaconi



Audrey Hepburn's little black dress. Paris on a fresh morning in spring. Exquisite perfume in an elegant bottle. Certain combinations simply go hand in hand. Like beauty and e-commerce – or students and flexible jobs. Flaconi is one of Germany’s leading online shops for beauty products, a jobvalley customer and an employer of students, graduates and young professionals. Learn more about the advantages to partnering with us.

The client


    The task

    Profile and challenges

      Why jobvalley?

      flaconi elected to partner with jobvalley not least because digitisation isn’t just something preached but practised: as a company and among the students.

      Using technology, jobvalley was able to create a large pool of employees for the e-commerce company and recruit more where required – despite minimal lead times and unplanned adjustments. At the customer’s request, we also provided an English-speaking team led by a manager. jobvalley continues to increase its pool of employees for flaconi and hire them out for other projects.

      Outcome and future perspectives

      In light of the constant growth enjoyed by the online beauty retailer, the need for flexible employees has likewise continued to grow. Out of the professional collaboration, a friendly partnership has emerged. As soon as flaconi requires employees to cover high seasonal order volumes as quickly as possible, jobvalley is consistently there to jump in at a moment’s notice. A close partnership is planned moving forward, both in terms of projects and technology. The beauty specialist already uses the jobvalley client portal and consequently benefits from the ability to plan and manage shifts as part of the self-service feature, among other great features.

      The partnership: Key facts

      Students for logistics, dispatch & similar positions

      Technology-supported implementation

      Constant growth since 2016 at the Berlin office

      Start now!

      Benefit from flexible and motivated student employees from over 140 fields, highly skilled talented workers and specialists and executives with relevant experience.