Customer service

Case study on our successful partnership with Leipzig-based TAS AG

‘The student workers from jobvalley have been a great addition to our team thanks to their strong communication skills and high degree of flexibility.’

– Antje Conradus, Head of HR at TAS AG

Case Study


Proximity to customers, a targeted approach and sound advice are the keys to lasting business relationships. That’s not to say it isn't handy to outsource communications. Sounds a little counter-intuitive? Not according to the experts. TAS AG specialises in customer engagement and is a jobvalley customer. Learn more about the advantages to partnering with us.

The client


Service provider that specialises in customer engagement

Head office in Leipzig, 500 employees, family run

Communication across a wide range of channels with around 20,000 engagements each day

The task

Profile and challenges

  • Trusted partner for clients in the financial sector

  • Support for a banking project

  • The challenge: Quickly sourcing applicants that fit the bill

  • Requirements: Strong German skills, great communicator, empathy and the ability to work with computers and the internet

‘Quickly learning the ropes, gaining experience at in-person events and e-learning. Students were given a great intro to the company right from the start of their training.’

– Antje Conradus, Head of HR at TAS AG

Why jobvalley?

As the employer of students from over 140 disciplines and with its top market presence, jobvalley has gained a strong reputation in numerous industries. After getting in touch, TAS AG quickly received the required candidate profiles from jobvalley. The screening stage proved to be a hit. Once a few adjustments were made in a similarly quick fashion to the onboarding training – a hybrid blend of in-person training and e-learning – the first students started work at TAS AG.

Outcome and future perspectives

So far, the partnership has been both fruitful and promising for everyone involved. Students have been able to gain experience and benefit from flexibility in terms of scheduling paired with high availability. They have also obtained valuable skills for their future careers, refined their speaking skills and learned how to handle objections. Some have also been offered jobs after their placement; TAS AG offers great career prospects. In turn, it gets to benefit from smart, motivated and flexible employees destined to work in customer engagement and coverage during off-peak hours.

The partnership: Key facts

Students required for a project in the banking sector

Hybrid in-person and online training

Job that can be easily combined with studying

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