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Case study on our successful partnership with the ViVENTS Interactive GmbH

"Our contact person got back to us within a remarkably short time and suggested talents that perfectly matched our job profile. You can tell that jobvalley knows the students and their individual characteristics very well."

– Sebastian Lang, Founder, VIME

Case Study


Digitalization is advancing all the time, and online events are now the norm. ViVENTS offers the ideal cloud solution for virtual and hybrid events - product presentations, cultural events and digital expositions. An immersive, 100% authentic experience, comparable to on-site events, addressing small organizers as well as SMEs and large corporations. Due to high demand and strong growth, ViVENTS was looking for graduates in the field of UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) Design. jobvalley Young Professionals helped quickly and with precision.

The client

ViVENTS Interactive Service GmbH

Start-up with headquarters in Heidelberg

Software for virtual and hybrid events

alle Arten und Größen von Veranstaltungen

The task

Profile and challenges

    "The briefing before the interview was top, the decision-making process very fast. jobvalley Young Professionals provided me with great support. In the job, I work on amazing projects and in a strong team right from the start. This is exactly what I expected!"

    – Delia Ionel, UI/UX Designer

    Why jobvalley?

    jobvalley Young Professionals was by far the quickest to respond and started concrete negotiations with ViVENTS after just a few days.

    While competitors were not able to present suitable candidates, jobvalley immediately submitted appropriate profiles. In order to ensure the professional and personal qualification, a work sample was requested, which the jobvalley candidate mastered with flying colors.

    Outcome and future perspectives

    Very fast and precise filling of vacancies with minimal administrative effort for the start-up plus the dream job for the candidate: all sides benefit from this cooperation. ViVENTS and jobvalley would like to continue their trustful and successful cooperation in the future.

    The large pool of students, graduates and young professionals from more than 140 disciplines makes it easy to quickly fill many different job profiles, not only in the area of IT & Development.

    The partnership: Key Facts

    Graduates for the field of UI/UX

    Stringent process incl. work sample

    Staffing within a few weeks

    Start now!

    Benefit from flexible and motivated student employees from over 140 fields, highly skilled talented workers and specialists and executives with relevant experience.