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Students can earn especially well in these Christmas jobs:

  • The pre-Christmas time is the opportunity for many students to take on a job: Some offers tempt with up to 16 € per hour.

  • In addition to jobs as Santa Claus, Christmas tree salesperson or gift wrapper, it is worth taking a look at jobs that are only a "Christmas job" at second glance, but are just as well paid.

Cologne, December 02, 2021: December is a relaxing time for most students. Exams and homework are still in the far future and the Christmas vacations are just around the corner. The pre-Christmas period is therefore the perfect time for many students to take on a job and boost their own budget for gifts for their loved ones or simply for the upcoming New Year's Eve party. Classic and unexpected Christmas jobs can really pay off - students can earn up to €16 per hour.

This is the result of a new evaluation by jobvalley, Germany's largest digital platform for flexible jobs for students and graduates, which analyzed current job postings and job assignments on jobvalley.

Aufstellung durchschnittlicher Stundenlöhne für Jobs im Weihnachtsgeschäft

November and especially December are among the most important months for the economy. For this reason, support is needed in many areas. Christmas festivities provide some job opportunities in the catering industry, for example as kitchen help, bartender or exhibition and event support - as long as the Corona situation allows it. But staff is also needed away from live events, for example in the catering delivery service for remote celebrations. In addition, online shopping is causing e-commerce to increase even further, which requires logistics assistants and delivery drivers - here the average wage is €13.39.

In addition to jobs in the booming Christmas sectors such as gastronomy and e-commerce, the 'classic' Christmas jobs offer very good salaries.

"Real holiday enthusiasts can earn an average of €14.50 per hour as Santa Claus. On average, gift wrappers earn the most at €14.60 per hour - here there is a good salary and, in addition, the joy of visually embellishing others' gifts. Overall, it is once again clear that companies are happy to rely on the support of students - they are reliable and motivated. Therefore also the payment is right: Already now the average wage of all jobvalley jobs is 11,87 €", says jobvalley CEO Eckhard Köhn and adds with regard to the planned minimum wage increase of the new government: "Thus our offers are far above the current minimum wage and are already by themselves almost at the planned minimum wage of 12 €. We expect to be well above €12 on average by the time the new minimum wage is introduced."

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