New name, new goals

jobvalley, Studitemps’ flagship, cracks the €100 million turnover mark

  • For the first time since its foundation, jobvalley (a brand of Studitemps GmbH) exceeds the 100 million mark with a turnover of € 113.4 million. Compared to the previous year, this means a 20% growth in revenue.

  • Positive business result: 2021 was already the third year in a row in which jobvalley was able to achieve a positive business result.

  • Modern orientation with a new name: 13 years after Studitemps GmbH was founded, Germany's largest Workforce as a Service (WaaS) provider for students and graduates introduced new tech services, a new positioning and, as a result, a new brand name in October 2021: jobvalley.

Cologne, May 19, 2022: In the past two years, an enormous diversification of working methods, time and place has taken place. Both employees and employers have realized that new forms of work do work. Flexible working models are also experiencing strong demand — and jobvalley, the market leader in Workforce as a Service for (prospective) academics, is benefiting from this. Students can use jobvalley to adapt to the requirements of the lecture schedule with short-term assignments, while university graduates can gain additional experience and orientation with a project assignment lasting several months in order to optimally position themselves for their career entry. On the other hand, companies also save the time and money of a complex recruiting process and can react spontaneously to peaks in demand or individual needs in personnel planning, thus increasing their competitiveness. This upswing of modern flexible work has of course a positive effect on the 2021 jobvalley business result.

"For a long time, the guiding star `100 million euro turnover mark´ was above us — we have now successfully passed this milestone — in a time that was still characterized by covid uncertainties. I would like to express my highest gratitude to all employees at jobvalley and all student partners for this success. At the same time, we are already looking forward to the next steps together. There is still a lot of untapped potential ahead of us, which we can and want to support as a progressive Workforce as a Service partner: Parental leave replacement, sabbatical bridging, shared jobs, short-term projects, jobs for senior citizens—plus opportunities for expansion into other countries. It remains an exciting field for modernizers of flexible work."

— Eckhard Köhn, CEO jobvalley

In 2021, the company focused on one special project. The new direction: Studitemps to jobvalley — from innovative HR service provider to leading digital platform for flexible work. With jobvalley, a new personnel software for students and companies was brought to life. This software fully digitally maps the workforce as a service offering, helps students and companies find each other and makes workforce management end-to-end easier and faster than ever before.

"'jobvalley' as a brand has already been received positively across the board by students and companies after only a short time. Likewise, our digital offerings are gratefully accepted and used. Firstly, our customer portal jobvalleyNow, which covers all requirements in one for companies — regardless of whether they need 1 or 1000 flexible workers. The other is our jobvalleyApp, which is already used by more than 21,000 students every month and makes finding a job as easy as ordering a pizza online. These examples of our digital solutions are the foundation and proof for continued strong growth in the future. We are determinedly pursuing this path of continuous improvement of our services. The newly founded CX department in Marketing and our UX department in Product, which work closely with each other and all other departments, are aligning jobvalley towards one goal: real 'customer centricity'."

— Petra Ehrhard, Vice President Marketing jobvalley

Photos of Petra Ehrhard and Eckhard Köhn as well as product images and logos can be found here.

About jobvalley

With state-of-the-art HR tech solutions, jobvalley is a pioneer in the field of digital workforce management and a leading provider of Workforce as a Service (WaaS) solutions. jobvalley helps students, graduates and young professionals to earn money as flexibly and self-determinedly as they want. Every month, more than 10,000 students work for jobvalley. As Germany's largest WaaS provider for academics, jobvalley supports thousands of companies to grow, scale and respond to the increased demands of a modern labor market. WaaS allows companies and academics the flexibility to meet their individual needs: job assignments can be defined according to the wishes of both parties.