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Will to vaccinate is great, but so is the feeling of injustice

May 22, 2021 - Since 2012, jobvalley, Germany's largest digital platform around flexible jobs for students and graduates, has been working with the Department of Labor Economics at Maastricht University to produce studies on student life and work. The latest special evaluation from the "Skilled Worker 2030" series shows how students feel about Covid vaccinations and privileges for vaccinated persons, as well as the behavior of students and their evaluation of universities regarding the Covid pandemic. The data come from the most recent survey conducted as part of the Professional 2030 series in March 2021, in which more than 12,000 students nationwide participated.

Vaccination willingness and attitudes toward privileges for those already vaccinated:

52.1% (57.4% of female students and 46.7% of male students) do not think privileges for the already vaccinated, for example, when traveling or meeting groups of people, are fair.

79.2% would voluntarily get vaccinated with vaccines approved in Germany.

"Students are more than ready for a return to safe normalcy. They have restricted themselves for over a year, had no chance of normal student life, face-to-face meetings, normal research work, networking with fellow students* or possible future employers.  Our study shows that an overwhelmingly large proportion of students have behaved in an exemplary manner and are ready for vaccination. However, they are also the group that will probably have to wait a while for it. Against this background, students can still be credited with solidarity, even if 52.1% of them feel that privileges for those who have already been vaccinated are unfair," says jobvalley CEO Eckhard Köhn.

Student behavior regarding Corona (-restrictions):

74.7% of students restrict meetings with family and friends as a precaution. (-6% points compared to March 2020). 

72.5% wash their hands more frequently and intensively. (- 9 % points compared to March 2020).

83.5% keep the minimum distance of 1.5 m in public spaces whenever possible. 

77.9% avoid large gatherings of people. (- 7.3 % points compared to March 2020) 

44.5% use the federal government's Corona warning app. 

73.7% consciously keep an eye on the news situation (- 13.5% points compared to March 2020).

Assessment of the behavior of universities with regard to the pandemic:

65.2% rate their university's crisis management as (rather) good.

53.6% rate the information provided by their university regarding possible effects on their studies as (rather) good.

74.2% rate the teaching offered as (rather) good.

"Most students attest that the universities are acting well with regard to the covid pandemic and its effects on studies and teaching. Whereby our figures also show a slight downward trend. In September 2020, for example, 70.8% (up 5.6 percentage points) were still satisfied with the crisis management and 56.5% (up 2.9 percentage points) were satisfied with the information provided by the universities. However, the teaching offered has probably even improved a little: in September 2020, 70.8% instead of now 74.2% rated the teaching offered as (rather) good," says jobvalley CEO Eckhard Köhn.

These and other results of the special evaluation can be found in detail here.

Photos of Eckhard Köhn can be found here.

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