Studitemps becomes jobvalley

Tech launch, new direction and a new name to match

  • jobvalley: 13 years after its establishment, Studitemps GmbH, Germany's largest Workforce as a Service (WaaS) provider for students and graduates is launching an array of new tech services, a new direction and a new brand name to match: jobvalley.

  • The future of flexible recruitment and management: digital, fast & reliable. The rebranding from Studitemps to jobvalley symbolises a leap from innovative recruitment agency to leading digital platform for flexible work. jobvalley launches brand new recruitment software for students and clients. Providing the final element to the fully digital Workforce as a Service, jobvalley gives students and clients access to each other, making end-to-end workforce management easier and faster than ever before.

  • Flexible working means you write the rules: jobvalley is the number one partner for students – from the first part-time job as a student, to working in your field later in your studies and entering the world of work as a graduate and young professional. Working flexibly according to your own availability, location and interests puts you in charge of how you work and earn your living. That’s what jobvalley represents.

Cologne, 6 October 2021 The world of work is currently experiencing a boom in digitisation, flexibility and democratisation. Proven, seemingly irrefutable models are starting to fall by the wayside: The classic model of full-time employment, which has prevailed for decades, is now subject to growing criticism and disruption by fed-up employees. Times are changing in terms of how, when and where we work. A trend that doesn’t show any signs of stopping, certainly not in light of the recent attention it gained during the COVID-19 pandemic. Studitemps has helped drive this change for years. By fully digitising its service, it is now more accessible than ever while simultaneously helping clients and academics enjoy modern, transparent, flexible and fair work.

‘We have proven that the model of flexible job assignments – whether for a short period of time or for major projects and annual plans – offers a mutually beneficial approach to cooperation and workforce management. If there’s one thing for sure: This modern Workforce as a Service model is a far cry from the kind of temporary work that we encountered 10 or 20 years ago. By contrast, it provides a democratic model that enables sought-after academics to work whenever, wherever and how they want, with as much flexibility as they'd like. In this sense, it gives clients a great opportunity to access young professionals and respond to the increasing need for flexibility experienced among students, permanent staff and on the labour market: Entry-level jobs, parental leave cover, sabbaticals, shared jobs, short-term projects, peak seasons – we've got you covered with employees and state-of-the-art tech solutions. With all these developments and changes, it only seemed fitting that we came up with a new name: jobvalley.’ – according to Eckhard Köhn, jobvalley CEO.

Tech solutions paving the way to change

jobvalley has embarked on a journey of transformation from its roots as a traditional recruitment agency with a focus on student jobs to the leading digital platform for flexible work for academics. This transformative process has been supported by newly developed HR technology: Students can use our app and clients can take advantage of our new clients portal jobvalley now for access to a wide range of flexible jobs and uncomplicated processes.

‘Our new client portal jobvalley now offers our clients an entirely novel service they won't find anywhere else. Whether you need 1 or 1,000 flexible employees – jobvalley now covers all bases in one. If you’re a student, you're just a few clicks away from your next job in our app – our new smart tech solution, which takes your personal interests, availability, location and desired salary into account. We make finding a job just as easy as ordering pizza online.’ – says Petra Ehrhard, Vice President of Marketing at jobvalley.

Say goodbye to paperwork. Now students benefit from a purely digital job hunt. (New) clients can create accounts and compile an overview of their staffing requirements and potential assignments independently at any time in a matter of minutes. jobvalley software then takes care of the rest by matching and scheduling in suitable workers who have been pre-screened by us. This guarantees speed, high responsiveness and flexibility with no compromises in terms of quality. jobvalley now features fully integrated digital time recording, assignment overviews, feedback on hired employees and complete process management.

Photos of Petra Ehrhard and Eckhard Köhn are available for download here along with product images and logos.

About jobvalley

HR tech company jobvalley operates Germany's largest digital platform with jobs for students and graduates. As a Workforce as a Service provider, jobvalley helps students and companies find their perfect match when it comes to flexible jobs. Combining personal support, an app for students and a well-designed client portal enables jobvalley to offer its clients and young professionals maximum flexibility, uncomplicated processes and high responsiveness. The Cologne-based company ( founded in 2008 is represented at 24 offices situated throughout Germany, has over 300 in-house employees and hires up to 7,500 students each month.

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